connecting mother and baby,

heartbeat by heartbeat

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our mission

women are beautiful, powerful, and strong creatures who have been consistently misrepresented and underserved in healthcare, and the force of mental health stigma hits them especially hard. we are a team of bioengineering undergraduates passionate about advocating and advancing maternal and neonatal health by implementing transformative technology to assist mothers through perinatal emotional challenges.

what we do


heartbeat connection

heart rate biofeedback enables mom or caregiver to become closer with baby


wearable sensor technology

wearables for the baby and the mom - sensory connection, patent in planning

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education and advocacy

awareness of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

origin story

the love for engineering solutions initially brought this team together

On February 27, 2016, fellow friends and bioengineering undergraduates, Niranjanaa Jeeva and Ella Stimson, decided to spend their spare weekend in their freshman year at UC San Diego by going to the local health based hackathon, UC HealthHack, organized by UCSD's Engineering World Health. Niranjanaa and Ella had been friends since high school and had worked on many engineering design based projects together at their high school's engineering academy. The thrill of product design prompted them to continue this into college and brought them there that day to the hackathon.

Standing in line for registration, they herded behind the last person - a strange and hipster sophomore they only knew briefly from their bioengineering program at UC San Diego. This was Julie Yip, bioengineer and young leader within the school's organizations. With much excitement and energy arising, Niranjanaa and Ella were ready to engineer but also be filled with puzzles, mistakes, and humility at this hackathon - a great motivation to learn more and persue their love as future engineers! This team of two deliberated with great eyebrow movement and eye contact to ask Julie to join their engineering clan for this event; but hesitant Julie gave them a mannerly rejection...but was coaxed into joining anyway! Now as a crowd of three ladies they were ready to engineer a solution and have fun.

When the prompt for the hackathon was given to be to find solutions to mental health, the group went down into their deliberation and research. A shy mention was given within the three: "Hmm...what's postpartum depression?" After a few seconds of thought something clicked in each mind in unison. A click that stimulated their passion: Julie, for neonatal and women's health; Niranjanaa, for women's health and justice; and Ella, for women's health and learning new topics. With this click, a latch was formed between the three that would connect them together for years to come.

female entrepreneurs. social innovators. friends.

the team


niranjanaa jeeva

the rainmaker

from goleta, ca

bioengineering undergrad

basketball supergirl



ella stimson

the technical architect

from santa barbara, ca

bioengineering undergrad

swim. bike. run.



julie yip

the visionary

from bakersfield, ca

bioengineering undergrad

baker's daughter who loves to bake...who grew up in bakersfield



perinatal mood and anxiety disorders

perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMADs) is a term that describes emotional conditions that may arise in women during pregnancy and after giving birth.

we believe increasing education and raising awareness is critical. postpartum depression is just one of many emotional challenges a mother can experience after giving birth.

every individual deserves support and to be heard. from local support groups to online forums, here are some resources and organizations providing knowledge and building community.